Getting Your Car Bodywork Repaired!

Mobile repairs

smart car media

Most vehicles will experience minor damage at some point. This damage can include bumper scuffs and cracks, minor paint problems, damage to alloy wheels such as scuffs or kerb damage or vandal scratches.Repairing minor damage will help you get a better price for your car when the time comes for you to sell it. It is thought that about 65% of Britains cars carry minor damage, off the back of this the SMART industry was born. SMART stands for The Small and Medium Area Repair Technique and has been around for about 20 years now. All SMART operatives are mobile technicians who have come from body shop backgrounds. The results of what they do is very effective, and the repair areas are normally small and localised, such as alloy wheel refurbishment. SMART technicians offer the option of being able to come to your home or workplace at a time convenient for you and most SMART repairs are completed within 60-90 minutes.

Superior service

Technicians will provide a superior bodywork repair service to their customers. Technicians are nationwide, and the accredited technicians bodywork is backed by a lifetime ownership guarantee. Not only this, but they also work out of specially adapted vans and are used to working in all weather conditions. They will only ever take on repairs that they can complete to a high and professional standard.

Cost effectivness

The service they provide is a fraction of the price of a traditional bodyshop as they don’t have the overheads associated therefore, costs can be below the customers insurance excess, meaning repairs can be lower for anything from car paint repair to alloy wheel refurbishment. Many of these companies have been in receipt of a number of awards in recent years since the increase in the SMART repair industry, including first place in Express Newspapers “Brand Builder“,  Accreditation centre status with IMI (The Institute of the Motor Industry), the HSBC Award for Franchise Support for the growing national network of SMART repair technicians and many are the appointed SMART repairer for the Fiat Group.